What’s Passepartout

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Passepartout is the photography portfolio of the landau based design studio UNDESIGNED. But it is also a premium photography identity aka brand starter kit that acts like a frame for the photography of ambitious photographers.

The idea of Passepartout arose when we got different inquieries of photographers who asked us to design their visual identity and portfolio website. Due to the fact of limited budgets we were not able to concept and design premium printed products or a crazy interactive portfolio website. We asked ourselves what we can do to help, without lowering the quality or exceeding the budget. Passepartout came to our mind. A ready to use minimalist visual identity kit for the ambitious photographer who want’s a high quality representation of his brand that complements his photography. At the same time we wanted to establish a sub brand for our photography services to not dilute the positioning of our design studio UNDESIGNED. A perfect coincidence, as we now had a real use case to create it.

Shooting nice stuff in the studio

But why the hell Passepartout, you might ask? As the identity should be ultra minimal and act as a carefully crafted stage for your content it was clear to name it like that. It’s a frame for your images. We could tell you about the futures, the different packages and all that stuff here, but if you’re interested in using it on your own better check out our dedicated landing page, where we go into all that stuff in detail.
For now it’s enough to know that we did all the hard work for you and created a set of material to enable you to bring your photography business to the next level. You just need to throw in your content. No need to spend hours figuring out how to create a logo, where to get high quality business cards or how to launch a portfolio website. No need to wait for an agency creating everything. No need to debate about budgets and prices. It’s already here. Passepartout helps you to focus on what you can do best. Taking amazing images. It’s a ready to use premium visual identity that includes your new business cards, stationary, website and more. We wouldn’t use it ourselves, if we didn’t think its great! All the printed materials are done by our friends at Butz & Bürker in Karlsruhe - they're specialized in premium printed products, so you can expect a high quality at every touchpoint your new clients will get in touch with you!
If you’re interested in more either send us an email and we can guide you through everything or check out the dedicated landing page for the brand kit, where we go into everything in detail. And if you’re here for our photography services – sorry to bother you with that blabla here. You can click to the next article ;D

Worcation in italy

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Taking vacation while working remotely sounds really nice, right? But is it? Working on some cool stuff, traveling around, enjoying different locations and being together 24/7 turned out pretty productive.