Worcation in italy

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Taking vacation while working remotely sounds really nice, right? But is it? Working on some cool stuff, traveling around, enjoying different locations and being together 24/7 turned out pretty productive.

It’s summer 2022. We just found our design studio UNDESIGNED and from the beginning it was pretty clear that working remotely will be a key concept for our studio. While a studio space is nice (other than now back then we didn’t have one) traveling around and visiting different places is a good idea to keep the creative flow going. So after all the initial bureaucratic stuff (welcome to germany...) we packed our suitcases and started our trip to italy. Working together, visiting nice places and eating great food.

Enjoying small villages after a hard working day

We started our trip in the flat of Davide’s family in San Benedetto, where we spent around 1.5 months. It turned out pretty productive to live together and exchange ideas the whole time. Not only did we manage to move forward business wise, we also finished some nice branding, design & print projects. Furthermore we created ideas for our first side projects. Passepartout is an outcome of that – in italy we had our first ideas around this topic. Of course we didn’t work 24/7 – we spent a lot of time visiting the small villages and the countryside of this beautiful country, learned more about the culture there and obviously enjoyed the amazing food.
Obviously the camera was our daily companion. We didn’t leave the house without it and captured all the emotional moments we made. Be it behind the scenes in the studio, a walk to the beach, cycling around the countryside or the visit of a nice little restaurant. As we love the field of street photography it was amazing to be surrounded by so many beautiful opportunities to capture.

Shot on Leica M11 with Voigtländer Nokton 35mm ƒ1.2

After our time in San Benedetto we decided to travel to Rome. We booked an Airbnb in trastevere, which we can highly recommend! There are a lot of really good traditional italian restaurants and you can walk to the city centre in around 20-30 minutes - perfect to capture some images on the way!Napoli was our next stop. A very interesting, exciting but also overwhelming city if you visit it for the first time. There’s a lot going on in the city and the scenery is very nice for street photography. Obviously you can get super good food there – pizza, street food, pastries, ...
After the crowded Napoli we wanted a bit of calmness and quietness, thus we booked an Airbnb in the middle of nowhere, near Agropoli. It was nice and really productive to be surrounded by the nature and we enjoyed working on the terrace with a super nice view on the mountains.Our last stop before leaving italy and traveling back to germany was firenze, where we spent a few days and enjoyed the renaissance style architecture and flair of the city.
Here are some other shots of our worcation. We have created a story for the whole trip and different cities like naples and rome, if you want to see more of the images we captured. Check them out!

My journey to photography

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Let’s reminisce a bit. Travel back to my childhood, where I got in touch with the field of photography. Back to the time that probably got me interested in photography, although I recognized it a bit later.